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Founded in 1968, our existence alone is a testimony to our quality products and good service. This is also evidence of the faith of our many clients in our company. We cater to not only the nation’s leading companies and multinational companies but even to startup companies that need help, and are accredited by many government agencies and institutions.


As one of the leaders in the industry, we have a bag of products and brands that believe in our steward. These brands are highly diverse and cross many industries from research and the academe, to food and beverage, to pharmaceuticals, to paints and coatings, and many more. Golden Bat, known for being a complete provider, of quality products at the lowest prices continues to grow in presence, products, and service.



GOLDEN BAT, the only GOLDEN BAT on the face of the planet, one of a kind, was founded by Mr. Mariano Lee, way back in 1968. It was then known as GOLDEN BAT ENTERPRISES, located at Madrid Street, Binondo, Manila with only one typist and one driver. It started practically from scratch, armed only with determination for success; to be a somebody in the vast field of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. The 3-man team gradually grew and expanded with the addition of more salesmen. Soon the office wasn't large enough to accompany the growing company; thus, we moved to a bigger office in order to accommodate the increasing clientele.


In 1987, with almost 20 years of experience, GOLDEN BAT ENTERPRISES was incorporated into GOLDEN BAT (FAR EAST) INC. It is a closed family corporation. GOLDEN BAT is one of the biggest stockists of laboratory equipment, scientific instruments, laboratory glasswares, plasticwares, porcelain/ceramic wares, laboratory and hospital supplies, and the latest addition, clinical diagnostic reagents.


Our large inventory ensures our customers' orders are dealt with promptly. If a product is not on stock, we order immediately from our suppliers abroad to guarantee quick shipments to our customers. In 2001, the sales team had a drastic change of environment leading up to our current position in the industry as a leading laboratory solutions company. As of most recent, the company has started becoming a dealer for precision analytical equipment and will continue to grow to serve our clients better.